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BunchOP: French Fun for Less in NY

May 1, 2012

Anyone else feeling lost in a sea of impersonal, exclusive, limited-time-offer deals? There used to be a brief moment of excitement when I saw a new LivingSocial or Groupon email pop up in my inbox. I wondered whether I’d discover a new idea for a weekend adventure or if there would finally be a coupon for the pricey restaurant that lingered on my list. Nowadays, I’m stuck somewhere between the dread of having to delete upwards of 20 unopened emails I don’t have time to peruse and having la flemme (being too lazy) to actually unsubscribe or adjust my settings.  And with nontraditional coupon-providers like Daily Candy jumping on the flash sale bandwagon, there’s no end in sight.

But if a flash sale site happened to know how much I dig French wine, food and other experiences that feed my insatiable nostalgia, I might make an exception. French Expat Christel Morin realized that in a city bursting with Euro expats and Europhiles, there was perhaps a better way to do things and started BunchOP.

Pate, Saucisson, Rillettes, Oh My!

BunchOP is a new-ish site that aims to provide “exceptional deals for European Expats or European way of life lovers.”  It stands for “Bunch of People” and as we all know the French love a good jeu de mots, it sounds like “bonne chope,” or “good catch” in French. BunchOP features offers for a limited time and requires a minimum number of buyers to be activated. A deal is posted every week or so – and only one at a time – which helps with the coupon-induced ADD. The most recent deal, now concluded, featured a picnic-perfect combo of pates, terrines and charcuterie that would have made Frenchie’s mouth water. If I’d been nice enough to spoil him, that is, since I tend to avoid most minced versions of meat parts. And I call myself a Francophile, I know.

Plus – BunchOP offers a few added bonuses. Deals are sweetened by a bit of back story on the provider that makes me feel like I’m supporting local business, while a witty blog delivers a fresh French perspective on New York life. The site has also recently formed a partnership with an exporter of French and Spanish wine, and promises monthly wine-centric events. Sign me up for that!

I would however counsel jumping on a deal when you see one, as inventory seems to vary. I was super excited when I saw a deal pop up for a new “epicerie” type establishment in my hood offering a killer cheese combo, but it was sold out the next day although the offer hadn’t ended. So to be honest, I haven’t yet sprung on a deal, but am eager to catch the next one.

Sorry readers – the service is just offered in NY for now – but who knows, BunchOP could be headed your way soon!

Check it out here. Would love to hear if you’ve tried it out and what your experience with it was!

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