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Dreaming…In the Windy City?

November 20, 2012

It seems this Francophile nomad is on the move once again. After nearly three years in la grosse pomme (a record for us), Frenchie and I have decided to jump on an opportunity to pursue new adventures in Chicago. In short, we packed up our entire lives and hopped four states to the west in under four weeks.

Luckily, we’re professional nomads (make that five cities in five years) and city dwellers, so the physical relocation was a snap. The emotional moving on was a bit harder. Where else can you find an expat population of nearly 100k, the best French chefs outside of Paris and French films on the green every summer?

While this blog will undoubtedly take on a Midwestern focus as I set out to discover what being a Francophile in Chicago might mean, count on continued love for NYC as trips back – if only for the best French food we’ve found on the east coast (post forthcoming) – will be frequent.

And as I’m getting settled into Chicagoan life, I’m excited to share in the coming weeks a few posts from our latest trek to France that have languished in the midst of our frantic move as well as a few more NYC hotspots that are perfect for tapping into your inner Parisian.

For any readers who have spent time in the Windy City, where should this Francophile go first for a taste of French culture? All recommendations much appreciated!


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